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Our promise of excellence:

Providing top of the line
Automotive Detailing, 
Paint Care and Tint

We’re more than just car enthusiasts; we value how every car we touch looks when our customers drive it away. We only use industry-leading products, and work with accomplished detailing professionals.


Complete Automotive Detailing

Miss that new car look and feel? Visit our detailing centre and pamper your vehicle. Simply select one of our packages and book an appointment with one of our expert detailers.


Window Tint

Although it is a beautiful addition to a vehicle, Window Tinting is not just for aesthetic purposes.  It also plays a significant role in protection, not only to the vehicle, but also to the driver and passengers.


Platinum Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic coatings bonds molecularly to provide superior protection for your vehicle.
This goes way beyond a wax or sealant product which only provide a sacrifi cial layer of protection.


Paint Protection Film

Rather than fixing paint chips and erosion, why not make a pre-emptive strike and use the latest technology in paint protection film to prevent damage to begin with.


Paint Correction

The precise and tedious process of safely leveling a vehicles clear coat, removing any number of different paint scratches, marks and defects. 

About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

The AMS group of companies has decades of experience servicing automotive customers. We provide excellent cutomer service and quality of work out of habit. We have the history to know which products to use and give our customers only the best results.

Why waste time with fly-by-night detail shops when you can rest comfortably as your car is transformed by our passionate technicians.

Automotive Detailing




Basic Wash

  • Pre-rinse to remove grease, bus and excess dirt
  • Pressure wash and clean all wheels, wheel wells and tires
  • Hand wash & Quick Dry

Starting at:




  • Basic Wash Plan +
  • Chamois dry the exterior
  • Dry door jambs
  • Tire shine all 4 tires
  • Wash rubber mats if equipped
  • Vacuum carpets & seats
  • Hand-wipe of passenger compartment vinyl
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Clean interior windows
  • Vacuum trunk and cargo area

Starting at:




  • Bronze Plan +
  • Shampoo floor mats if soiled
  • Shampoo all seats/carpets
  • Detail interior including dash, console, vents and cup holders
  • Apply paint sealant

Starting at:




  • Silver Plan +
  • Inspect vehicle for scratches, swirl marks and contamination
  • Remove contaminationwith Clay Bar
  • Remove minor scratches and paint imperfections up to 80%
  • Polish to restore original shine
  • Shampoo engine compartment


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